As Saudi Arabia abandons its conservative views in favor of more liberal ones, it has granted its female citizens more freedom, rights, and dignity. And with this shift, ladies’ gyms in Riyadh have been booming. 

Gyms have been consequently forced to introduce classes that would appeal to their new growing audience, namely yoga classes and Pilates classes.

Now faced with all these options, women found themselves confronted with a dilemma: sign up for yoga or Pilates? Here’s a guide to know the differences between yoga and Pilates as well as the similarities shared between the two types of exercise.

Yoga originated in India, and its primary purpose was to unite one’s consciousness with the collective consciousness, which is the combination of society’s beliefs, ideas, and morals. And to do so, it draws the benefits of repetitive movements and meditation. 

The practice prides itself on its ability to relieve stress and improve flexibility, emotional health, and spiritual health.

Currently, yoga is on the rise because of the emergence of stress on a worldwide scale. Individuals looking to sign up for yoga classes are usually seeking their soothing functionalities, their spiritual purposes, and their useful practicality.

Pilates, on the other hand, is a relatively new type of exercise that was founded by Joseph Pilates in 1920. 

Back then, Joseph created it to aid physical rehabilitation, and you can see its founder’s motivation in the current version of the sport.

Indeed, Pilates classes today offer their attendees enhanced strength, greater body awareness, and improved body toning – without the undesired effect of getting bulky. That is what leads some to think of Pilates, Yoga, Body Pump, and Spinning classes as great methods to tone the body. One might say that the sole difference between them is their intensity and their philosophies.

Individuals looking to sign up for Pilates are usually seeking its muscle toning, its encouragement, and its physical empowerment.

All in all, you must take into consideration each workout’s intensity, mindset, and presented outcomes before enrolling in either yoga or Pilates classes.

Here at NuYu, we offer you everything you need to know about each class so that you make the right choice.