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December 14, 2020

What Beginners Need to Know Before Taking Up Spinning

Venturing into Spinning classes gives you all the fun you’ve imagined and more. Yet, before stepping in, a lot of questions can come up. What is the right outfit to wear? What shoes are most suitable? What are the does and don’ts? Are there terms I need to be aware of? It’s a spiraling thought process; however, it is necessary. These questions have answers to them, but there is a lot more to spinning classes than one may think. With attire, a person must dress in a way that they find comfortable, but not too comfortable, as this is a sports session. Padded shorts are usually recommended so that you can come prepared! Concerning the shoes, sneakers or gym-shoes are a no-brainer! There are cycling shoes with protrusions on the soles that attach to the pedals, making it easier to get a grip. These are highly endorsed. Terminology is probably the easiest part. There is nothing you do not know that you cannot learn as you go. The beauty of trying new things, especially in sports, is the fact that you are allowing yourself to indulge, learn, and integrate facts and knowledge about new things. As a beginner, in particular, it is essential to be informed about what is beyond those questions. Things like:

  1. Keeping yourself hydrated, because you are continuously going to be cycling and you are less prone to keep yourself cooled off in a closed classroom. So, drink a lot of water!
  2. Making sure you do not death-grip the handlebars to avoid any painful injuries. The energy given and pressure applied should be from your legs to the pedals and not from your wrists.
  3. Learning to pace yourself from the beginning and not give out all your energy and effort within the first 10 minutes. This way you can handle a 45-minute session.

Ultimately, if there is anything you need to keep in mind, it is having fun. Spinning classes are always entertaining, and your mindset should remain intact with that. Do not push yourself too hard or take it too seriously. Join our Spinning classes at NUYU, and we guarantee that you’ll cycle your way through a fun workout!