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NuYu Standard

Our Standard Membership allows You to access the club at any time during working hours.

SAR 3900
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SAR 5000
SAR 1190
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NuYu Plus

You want to make your journey more fun with NuYu, go for our Plus Membership and have access to all our branches in the kingdom. Meet all our trainers and try all our Different classes and facilities.

SAR 3950
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SAR 6800
SAR 3950
برنامج رياضي لتخفيف الوزن وشد الجسم للنساء

NuYu Fit4Less

Join our best value membership option. This is an ‘off peak’ membership that is available to members who wish to use the club and take classes during the day and on weekends

SAR 3500
Starting from
SAR 3800
SAR 2500
برنامج رياضي لتقوية العضلات وتنسيق الجسم

NuYu Gym Floor

This option is for those who like the free workout, In addition to accessing the gym at any time during working hours you can stay fit with your busy schedule. Access to gym floor and functional area.

SAR 3250
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SAR 3000
SAR 2250

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Terms & Conditions

1. Payment terms

You can choose how you pay and the membership type most appropriate for you.  All memberships must be paid for upfront in cash or by credit/debit card. No credit will be given,or through a third party installment service provider . Authorization is required for use of credit/debit card.

Membership starting date is the purchase date unless different date was agreed in writing to schedule starting date within 4 weeks of the purchase date.

Access to the club will be on a pre-paid basis only. When your membership is due for renewal, one of our team will be in contact to assist you in renewing it. You may pay when you are next in the club, online or send Payment. Membership renewals are available until four weeks following expiration of the membership. Any membership renewed later than four weeks following the expiry date, will be treated as a new joiner, and therefore attract a joining fee. Joining fees are a one-off fee paid by all members at point of sale.

Payment for all other items including Private Training and retail must be paid in advance at the reception and not direct to the trainer. Failure to do this is in breach of your membership contract and may result in the cancellation of your membership and no fee’s reimbursed.

Refunds on memberships will not be given under any circumstances. Any exceptions are at the discretion of the NuYu Management Team.

Transfer of membership from person to person will be allowed for a specified amount paid at the branch.

Members on 12 or 18 month memberships have the opportunity to freeze the membership for 3 months (two month complimentary and one paid months) during their membership at a cost of SAR173 per month. This negates the need to re-pay the joining fee on return to the club. In order to freeze your membership, you must complete the required paperwork at the club and pay the fee’s in advance of the freeze period. Back dated freezes are not accepted.

Members on 6 month memberships have the opportunity to freeze the membership for 2 month (one month complimentary and one paid month) during their membership at a cost of SAR207. This negates the need to re-pay the joining fee on return to the club. In order to freeze your membership, you must complete the required paperwork at the club and pay the fee’s in advance of the freeze period. Back dated freezes are not accepted.

Members on a 3 month membership may at the cost of 210 only.

Freeze requests are not accepted via telephone or email. The member must process the transaction and present any medical notes or documentation in person and pay the relevant fee’s when needed.

In the event of a request for freezes for maternity/pregnancy/medical conditions please speak to a member of our team and they talk you through the medical documentation required, that must be stamped by an approved medical centre, to start the freeze period. Freezes for medical purposes cannot be back-dated.

2. Prices

Membership fees are subject to change without prior notice. We will endeavor to inform you at least 14 days prior to any changes.

Membership fees are subject to 15% VAT starting from 1/7/2020

3. Access to the club

All NuYu members are required to present their membership wristband or barcode through NuYu app on each visit to the facility. There will be an access control system to help track your visits and minimise misuse. If you lose your membership wristband there will be a small fee to replace it. 

The club reserves the right to refuse access to any person who cannot produce valid identification to support their membership information.

Wrist bands cannot be transferred or loaned to any other person including family or friends. Misuse of wristbands will result in the immediate termination of the membership without a refund of membership fees.

The club opening hours are available at reception and will vary during Eid Holidays and Ramadan.

Members shall not be compensated for any closure of branches due to seasonal holidays approved by the governments

Members with a valid “Fit For Less membership” and “Student membership” can access the club between the hours of 7am – 4pm.  Last entry 3pm Sunday – Thursday, Friday and Saturdays can access the club during working hours. Hours will vary during the month of Ramadan as deemed appropriate.

NuYu reserves the right to close the club for essential maintenance, staff training or public holidays to ensure we maintain exceptionally high standards and health and safety. No refunds for closure days are applicable.

To access more than one club you must be subscribed to our NuYu Plus membership. If you wish to upgrade to Plus Membership please speak to a member of our team for more information. All upgrades start on the 1st of the following month.

Transfers of NuYu memberships to different clubs is permitted for a certain fees paid at the branch.

NuYu is a female only club for women over the age of 16yrs. Identification to support age must be produced upon request. No children or nannies are acceptable in the club. 

Boys of any age are not allowed into the club.

Members must remove all facial coverings before entry through the turnstile for identification purposes.

All members must have their photograph taken for identification and security purposes. This is non negotiable. Photo’s will not be available for public viewing or passed outside of NuYu.

4. Classes and appointments

Classes may be booked via the NuYu website www.nuyu-ksa.local .   

All NuYu appointments, due to reasons beyond our control, are subject to change without prior notice.

Members will be charged in full for an appointment cancelled without 24hrs notice of the scheduled time.

NuYu class booking rules state that if a member books a class and does not attend without 24hrs notice of cancellation, booking privileges will be removed for 2 days. Our systems automatically impose the booking restriction and cannot be over ridden.

No admittance to classes without a valid membership wristband and ticket of confirmation of attendance printed at reception.

Personal belongings, including mobile phones are not allowed in the studio / gym and must be stored securely in the lockers provided.

Power points are not to be used for charging of mobile phone or tablet devices at any time. These may be removed at any time.

Please arrive at classes at least 10 mins before the start. Late entry into classes is not permitted for health and safety reasons.

If you leave the class at any point you will not be permitted to return to that class as this causes disruption and is potentially dangerous.

For personal training sessions that are not rescheduled or cancelled 24 hrs in advance will result in forfeiting of session and loss of financial investment towards the session

 Clients arriving late for personal training session will only receive the remaining time of the allocated time period

The expiration policy requires completion of all personal training sessions within 30 days from payment

No Personal Training refunds will be issued for any reasons

Equipment in classes cannot be reserved and is on a first come, first served basis and entry supported with a valid class ticket from reception.

The class schedules will be available to view on the iPads located at various points around the fitness centre or available to view on our website.

Schedules, due to reasons beyond our control, are subject to change without prior notice.

To ensure an excellent member experience, members are able to book up to 3 classes within a 48 hour period.

Before starting any class, you need to collect a ticket from the reception desk. Without a ticket, the trainer will not start the session.

5. Using NuYu

One workout towel will be provided to you on each visit, please use this to keep equipment and surfaces sweat free – please return this in the towel drops provided at the end of your workout. All towels are the property of NuYu and are not to be taken out of the fitness centres.

Please also wipe all equipment down after use with the antibacterial wipes located at the hygiene stations.

Please wear appropriate, comfortable and fit for purpose clothing including trainers for all forms of exercise. High heeled shoes or wedge style shoes are not acceptable footwear for use in the club.

Lockers will be provided for you, for use with a NuYu padlock which you can purchase on site. No lockers are to be used overnight. Please use the lockers for all personal belongs including abayas. Please take your padlock home with you after each visit.

NuYu are not responsible for any personal items in the clubs. We strongly recommend all lockers are used with a padlock to secure belongings.

The reception team are not permitted to stow or hold any items for members as they cannot be responsible for it’s secure storage.

Mobile phones are not permitted for use in any other area than the reception and lounge area, please respect the needs and safety of other members.

Cameras and recording devices including mobile phones of any sort are strictly prohibited within the premises.

Music will be played within the clubs. Prayer rooms with no music are accessible to all members.

Guests must buy a guest pass in order to use the facility. These can be purchased at the reception desk.

Members are expected to be courteous and respectful to all other members and staff.

The Management reserve the right to limit the number of active members.

The Management reserve the right to exclude or cancel membership if behaviour is deemed detrimental to staff, the facility or other members with no membership fee’s reimbursed.

We kindly advise you to book an activate session at the start of your membership. A 30 minute session to guide you through the club facilities and services will be a free of charge. If you require more explanation, we advise you to book a full health assessment and Personal Training session that will last for 1 hour. This service will be at an additional charge and will be explained in full prior to booking.

6. Personal Property, Injury and Death

Members should hold personal updated insurance coverage, as NuYu will not be responsible for injury related to the use of its facilities.

NuYu will compensate you for any loss or damage you may suffer ONLY if we fail to carry out our obligations under this agreement including if we cause personal injury or death to you by our negligence, unless failure is attributable to:

  1. Your own fault
  2. A third party unconnected with our provision of services.
  3. Events which neither we nor our suppliers could have reasonably foreseen or forestalled even if we had taken reasonable care.

7. Agreement, General Terms & Conditions

  1. Member agrees to keep and obey all rules and regulations now in force or in the future prescribed by the Gym, for the use of the Gym training facilities, premises, and equipment therein, and the Gym reserves the right to revoke this membership for cause if the member fails to keep and obey any such rules and regulations, or related instructions issued by the staff and management from time to time, or for reasons of nuisance, disturbance, moral turpitude or fraud.
  2. Without limiting the member’s obligation to obey the rules and regulations of the Gym presently in force or in the future prescribed, the member agrees that she will abide the following rules by:
    1. Always considering other members’ rights and privileges while training;
    2. Always replacing equipment on their proper racks or safekeeping place at the end of each set;
    3. Always following directions on the proper use of training equipment and asking directions to staff members to ensure proper use;
    4. Never smoke on the premises;
    5. Never placing weight plates on the floor;
    6. Never banging dumbbells together when doing flies or other exercises;
    7. Never dropping dumbbells on the floor;
    8. Always treating members and staff with the fullest respect and courtesy at all times;
    9. Always accepting fullest responsibility for any damage caused to the equipment, guests, members,
      staff and/or the equipment due to the misuse of the equipment.
    10. Without limiting the Gym’s ability to terminate this membership for cause, the Gym may terminate this membership for any reason at the end of any given month. If the Gym elects to so terminate, the Gym will review the case and if applicable refund a pro rata portion of any dues, excluding the joining fee. The joining fee will not be reimbursed.
    11. It is expressly understood and agreed that this contract is not assignable or transferrable by any member and not rights or privileges granted by this membership can be transferred or assigned by the member.
    12. It is further agreed and understood that all exercises, including the use of weights, number of repetitions, and the use of weights, number of repetitions and sets and use of any and all machinery, equipment, and apparatus designed for exercising and the use of the Gym’s premises and facilities shall be at the Member’s sole risk. Notwithstanding any consultation on exercise programs which may be provided by the Gym’s employees, agents, representatives or consultants, it is hereby understood that the selection of exercise programs, methods and types of equipment shall be at the member’s sole and entire responsibility, and the Gym shall not be liable to any member or the member’s family for any and all claims, demands, injuries, damages, or actions arising due to any injury to the member’s person or property arising out of for in connection with the use by the member of the services and facilities of the Gym or the premises where the same is located. If the member brings any personal property onto the premises of the Gym or onto the Gym’s parking area, such member takes such action at the member’s sole risk. If it hereby understood that the Gym is not responsible in any way for damage to or loss of any personal property which the member brings onto the premises of the Gym or onto the Gym’s parking area, including but not limited to, losses due to theft, damage, or car accident. The member hereby holds the Gym, its successors, assigns, owners, officers, directors, employees, and agents harmless from all claims which may be brought against them by the member or third parties on the member’s behalf for any such injuries aforesaid and, the member, hereby forever releases and discharges the Gym, its successors, assigns, owners, officers, directors, employees, consultants, representatives, agents from all claims, demands, injuries, damages, actions, losses and expenses. This section will survive any cancellation of this Agreement.

8. Communication

We would like to extend our services by offering help and advice via our website www.nuyu-ksa.local and notify you of events via email. Therefore, providing a valid email address and mobile number will be the best way for us to stay in touch when you’re not in the club.

NuYu is striving to be a paper free environment and therefore where possible we will email notifications of changes to membership, club and class information and post them on our website.

9. Data Protection

Please see our privacy policy for full details. These can be requested by sending an email with your name and membership number to:

Membership starting date is the purchase date unless different date was agreed. starting date can not be more than 4 weeks of the purchase date.