Aerial Yoga

Yoga poses and acrobatic maneuvers are combined in aerial yoga. In our classes, experience what it is like to fly with the support of a hammock. Enhance your flexibility, find your balance, and improve your strength no matter where you are in your Aerial Yoga journey. Most importantly, experience Zen with Aerial Yoga at NuYu!

What is Aerial Yoga?

Traditional yoga asana (the physical positions of yoga) and yoga concepts are combined with aerial arts to create aerial yoga. Acrobatics is a common component of aerial yoga sessions, but aerial silks can be employed for much more therapeutic purposes. To help artists develop shapes, silk fabrics or ropes are hung from above. The silks can fully support you, allowing you to lie flat like in a hammock, or you can wrap them around specific body parts to keep others on the floor. Hanging completely or suspending certain body parts helps your body open more naturally and gently than when you’re on the ground. For balance, the silks and ropes can be useful.

Benefits of Aerial Yoga

Yoga has long been regarded as one of the best exercises for maintaining fitness and de-stressing. While regular yoga is excellent for the body and soul, aerial yoga has a few extra advantages. Continue reading to find out more about the advantages that aerial yoga may offer:

  • Aerial Yoga helps you in reversing gravity: By gradually reversing gravity while supported by the hammock, we can release the pressure that has built up inside of our bodies.
  • Aerial Yoga decompresses the spine: Gravity is fantastic for holding everything in place and together, but without regular relaxation, our muscles and skeleton can constrict and become compressed, which can cause pain and limit our range of motion. The vertebrae in our spine can slowly relax when we dangle in the air, such as in bats.
  • Aerial Yoga is a low-impact workout: By integrating strength training, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance, aerial yoga makes low impact activities possible. This means that you may change the exercise’s intensity to fit your level while also reducing the pressure on your joints thanks to the hammock’s support.
  • Aerial Yoga helps strengthen your deep core: By eliminating the ground’s support, the core is forced to work harder and in areas that could otherwise be neglected during typical floor work ab drills. Different poses that intensify core activation and development can be done in the aerial hammock.
  • Aerial Yoga is empowering: Empowerment comes from overcoming a hurdle. Every level of practitioner can find challenges in the world of aerial yoga. It might be challenging to attempt something new, and trying something unusual can be even more difficult. Achieving your first drop from Wizard pose after overcoming your initial concern of lifting your feet off the ground. Every difficulty causes a small adrenaline spike, followed by endorphin release and the want to high five yourself.

Who can benefit from our Aerial Yoga Classes?

Ladies, Aerial Yoga classes are open for anyone who is up for a challenge and enjoys the freedom of having their feet off the ground. Aerial yoga is an excellent choice for those who wish to move their bodies but have joint problems because of its low-impact or zero-impact nature.

What to expect from our Aerial Yoga Classes?

From our Aerial Yoga classes at NuYu, you get to expect a fun, thrilling experience.

Exercise type: Aerobic

Duration of the workout: 45 mins – 60 mins

Intensity: Medium

Average Calories Burnt: 300-400 calories

At NuYu, we value you, ladies, and so our classes are tailored to the different abilities of our clients. Get in touch with us now for a rewarding training experience!

  • Coordination
  • Flexibility
  • Muscle Tone
  • Posture
  • Strength
  • Wellbeing