What is an Up and Down Plank?

Up and down planks work the whole body, from head to toe.

Whether you love them or dread them, you can’t deny the countless benefits of planks. They are included in the best workout programs, as they are both a cardio exercise and a resistance training.

However, if a regular plank is not tempting enough for you, you might want to try the up and down plank. We promise that your fitness and satisfaction levels will only go up and up after it!

Up and down planks, also known as moving planks, are a great combination of both push-ups and planks.

First, you start in a high plank position. Then, you bend one arm, placing your elbow on the mat; move on to bending the other arm, placing the corresponding elbow on the mat as well; and… Well, it’s still not over! In order to complete the “up” part of this plank, push yourself back up, starting with whatever side you bent first.

Repeat these movements for a minimum of one minute, alternating the sides.

Benefits of Up and Down Plank

The up and down planks have several advantages, they are known to work your:

  • arms
  • muscles
  • shoulders
  • core

The up and down plan not only gives you a full body workout. Furthermore, they offer you the best abs workout, and shape your waistline; all the while putting less pressure on your spine and hips.

So, what are you waiting for? Start practicing up and down planks at Nuyu gym right now!