5 Ways How Zumba Classes Help You Stay Active in Quarantine

It’s all fun and games until you step on the scale – Turns out you gained 5 kg! 

Quadrating’s been harsh on our body weight; it’s a worldwide problem, but NUYU’s got a quick fix for you – it’s Zumba.

The problem here is that, with the fact that everyone is locked up at home, moving around is not an option – which leads to a person neglecting the concept of incorporating activity and exercise into their daily routine.  

Working out at home doesn’t pack the same punch as working at the gym – Home is a place of comfort and convenience where the motivation to do anything other than relax is scarce. Working out at the gym has all the components set up to rile you up and keep you going – and it’s all complemented with the fact that everyone around you is doing the same thing, with an eye on a similar goal.

But if working out can be anything, it can be fun! If you’ve ever taken up Zumba classes, you’ve experienced it all – being utterly embarrassed to becoming a full-blown professional dancer. When it comes to Zumba, no matter the level you’re currently on, the exercise routine is home-friendly!

Benefits of Zumba Classes

  1. Zumba targets a lot of different muscle groups, all at the same time, which results in better body toning.
  2. Zumba enhances the health status of your heart and is fundamental for people that are prone to heart problems.
  3. Zumba is a full-body workout, and there are no right or wrong ways about it – You just dance your hips off!
  4. You’ll burn lots of calories and fat! Studies have shown that 39 minute Zumba classes burn an average of 9.5 calories per minute. So, that’s a total of 369 calories in total!
  5. Altogether, you’re building on your endurance level, improving your cardiovascular fitness and blood pressure, and sustaining an adaptive level for any type of fitness.

All you need is a little motivation to know that we can pull through this universally tough time. We’ve had our fun, enjoyed being extremely lazy, and had our fair share of weight gain but now it’s time to move and get fit!