Why are Lower Body Workouts Essential for Women?

While a healthy exercise program should incorporate upper and lower body workouts, we often find ourselves skipping leg day whenever we don’t feel like it. However, working out our lower body should have the same priority as exercising any other body part!

Why You Should Never Skip Your Lower Body Workouts

Your lower body is packed with muscles that play a role in your balance, strength, stability, and speed. Therefore, you should always try to exercise those major muscle groups. Here’s why.

Lower Body Workouts release hormones

When you exercise your lower body, you’re stimulating your body to release heaps of hormones that are beneficial to your fitness journey. Cortisol, testosterone, and human growth hormone (HGH) are all essential for your health since:

  • Cortisol boosts your body’s response to stress and increases fast metabolism.
  • Testosterone promotes the repair of those damaged muscle proteins.
  • HGH boosts immunity and fat metabolism and promotes muscle growth.

All of these hormones are crucial for anyone looking to improve their overall fitness as they play key roles in helping you lose weight and stay fit.

Lower body workouts help you with all your other workouts

The thing about lower body workouts is that they boost those muscles that are essential for other workouts. When you exercise your lower body, you’re strengthening your legs, glutes, quads (to name a few). These muscles are vital when it comes to jogging, walking, running, hiking, and lifting!

That being said, working out your lower body can help you hit your fitness goals faster as it boosts your endurance and strengthens the muscles that are involved in all your other workouts!

Lower body workouts help you do everyday actions

We all rely on our lower bodies to perform day-to-day actions. Whether you’re picking up something off the ground, squatting down to sit in your chair, or reaching down to pick up your child, our lower-body muscles are always involved in our actions.

Without lower body strength, it would be a challenge to just get yourself up off the floor.

With all the perks lower body workouts offer, we hope that this incited you to never skip leg day ever again! And if you ever need a push in the right direction, NuYu’s professional personal trainers are always ready to help!