How to pick your ladies’ gym in Riyadh!

Three things come to mind when you’re looking to join a Ladies’ Gym in Riyadh – Gym Classes, Culture, and Cleanliness. 

Joining a gym isn’t all about grinding it out, taking a quick shower, and heading back home, it’s more than that. Gyms have evolved into gathering places for like-minded people to lose weight, bulk up, or do a little of both, together. 

Gym Classes – 

It’s not all about the machines gyms have lying around in the weights and cardio rooms, gyms now offer all sorts of classes to, most importantly, help you reach your fitness goal, and secondly, gather like-minded people to join in on your trip to Fit City!

When it comes to ladies, the classes that come to mind are Pilates and Zumba Classes, and your gym has to have them. 

Their cores revolve around keeping you in shape and putting a smile on your face. 

Gym Culture – 

People tend to look for healthier lifestyles that have some sort of ‘routine’ because they want a break from hectic days and chaotic nights; a gym membership can do that for you and offer you so much more! 

When you first step into a gym, the first thing you need to feel is the positive vibes flowing through you. A smile should be coming right at you, and a smile needs to be waiting for you every other way you look.

Yes, the grind to the top isn’t going to be easy; but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t feel good about yourself while you’re working out. Other than that, there’s a bunch of people doing the same thing you do, day in, day out; I mean, make friends! Who wouldn’t want a gym buddy around whenever they’re on their last set?

Gym Cleanliness –

Picture this, a gym filled with people flexing and stretching, huffing and puffing, and leaking and sweating from all over their bodies; all that, and we’re still in the cardio room. Let’s not even open the door on locker room etiquette and cleanliness!

First things first, when it comes to densely packed areas where people come and go, shower, change their clothes, touch things when they’re all sweaty and soggy, a solid cleaning plan should be implemented by your gym’s cleaning staff. Signs should go up to let members, including yourself (hopefully), know that they need to clean up after themselves. Wiping the handles, throwing gym towels into laundry baskets, throwing water bottles or cups in the trash, all these small details make for a better gym in the long run!

You’re going to be hitting the gym 3 to 4 times a week, so a clean and tidy locker and shower rooms need to be at the top of your list when you’re going around looking for a Ladies Gym in Riyadh to join!

And that about does it!
I dub thee, ready to gym; let’s start flexing those imaginary muscles.