3 Best Yoga Poses For Beginners

Enough with the fancy pose names, the branded yoga mats, the incense-filled studios; don’t be scared of NUYU’s yoga classes, they’re for everyone!

No matter your weight or age, it’s time to stretch out your body for a combination of physical and mental exercises that can soothe the mind and strengthen the body. 

When it comes to yoga, its one-thousand-year-old poses are the only things you need to master, and that takes time. We’re going to be showing you the 3 most common poses to help you fit right into your yoga classes at NUYU.

3 Best Yoga Poses

It’s all about moving slowly through every pose and breathing. Yoga can be quite exhausting, so make sure to pause after any pose; get back to whatever pose you were in after your breathing rhythm goes back to normal. 

 Just remember, slow breaths and movements!

  1. The Child’s Pose:

When you think of yoga, the Child’s Pose automatically comes to mind. It’s a good default pause position for you to rest up before moving onto the next pose.

The position helps you stretch out your lower back, hips, thighs, and knees, while relaxing your spine, shoulders, and neck. 

This pose is a must-do when you’re looking to start your yoga session with a gentle stretch along your whole body; just stay away from it if you’re pregnant or have got knee injuries/ankle problems.

       2. The Cobra Pose:

If you’re looking to add some muscle to your back and increase spinal flexibility, then this back-bending position is the pose for you. The Cobra Pose does more than just strengthen your back, it also helps stretch out your chest, shoulders, and stomach area. 

If you’ve got any sort of back injury or arthritis in your spine or neck, then it’s better to stay away from this pose. 

     3. The Downward-Facing Dog Pose: 

The Downward-Facing Dog Pose prioritizes your arms, shoulders, and back while not shying away from yoga’s essential benefits – stretching and soothing. The position tends to also stretch out your hamstrings, calves, and feet arches. 

If you’re suffering from any sort of back pain, then you’ve found the right pose!

We don’t recommend you take on this position if you have carpal tunnel syndrome or any kind of wrist problems. Keep in mind, if you’re expecting soon, then we urge you to stay away from this pose. 

You’re now ready to attend NUYU’s yoga classes with a smile on your face!