The Benefits of Zumba classes

For a while now, there has been a rise in group fitness classes, namely Zumba classes. Humans, after all, are social beings who crave socializing!

Just think about it, when you’re working out on your own, doesn’t it get a bit dull? But when you’ve got a gym buddy, workouts feel a little smoother and more fun! Just check out any ladies’ gym in Riyadh. There are examples everywhere!

So, what are the benefits of Zumba?


Full-Body Exercise

Zumba requires your whole body to move to the beat. It doesn’t focus on just one organ like regular gym workouts. It trains all of your essential muscles, from legs, to core, to arms.

It is perfect if you’re looking for full-body toning.


Calorie Power Burner

Since you’re putting your whole body to the test, you’re bound to ignite your muscles and power burning those calories!

A 2012 study found that 39 minutes of Zumba burned around 9.5 calories per minute, meaning that, throughout a single class, you can burn up to 370 calories!

So, Zumba is a perfect workout to lose weight!


Cardiovascular Excellence

One of the great things about Zumba is that it boosts your cardiovascular system: heart health, blood pressure, respiratory system, etc. Zumba is here to give you a full cardiovascular makeover!


It makes you happy

Just like every workout, practicing Zumba makes your body release endorphins. These are hormones that are released in the brain and nervous system that trigger positive emotions within you!



According to the American College of Sports Medicine, Zumba has many social benefits. Some of them include:

-Mingling and being social.

-Going out on a regular basis.

-Working in a group environment.


Improving Life Quality

All of the above benefits lead to one very important and essential point: improving the quality of your life.

When you’re exercising regularly, improving your health, and burning those extra calories, all while socializing and hanging out with friends, you’re automatically on your way to a better life.

Here at NuYu, we offer Zumba classes to all those who wish to vamp up their lives, get on the fitness track, and look to improve their overall health!