NUYU pumps it up

With the Ladies gym-hype train steaming its way through the Kingdom, the NUYU ladies gym in Riyadh has opened their doors to the all-too-popular Body Pump class. While the class might come off as intimidating, it’s far from it!

This kind of class is for ladies looking to commit themselves to a gym routine that’ll see them become fitter, leaner, and healthier. Body Pump is under LesMills with moves being scientifically backed.

Body Pump classes have become a staple part of every gym class schedule because of how easy it incorporates newcomers and the simplicity of just diving into the grind.

All you need is a good instructor to lead, light weights, a workout rhythm, and music, all of which are updated on a quarterly basis so the body doesn’t get used to the workout, and to make it fun for members.

There you go, class is in session!

Body Pump’s appeal comes from the fact that it doesn’t focus on a single muscle group but rather, starts all the major muscle groups on the same foot, keeping it light while slowly ramping up the weights; it’s all about the long haul here. 

The class atmosphere plays a huge role too; as you start attending Body Pump classes week in and week out, you start to feel the fatigue creeping up on you. The only way to move past that is for you to pair yourself up with a classmate and support each other throughout the grind.

A NUYU Body Pump class is approximately 45mins, burning up to 560 calories per session.

With those kinds of numbers, you can set multiple fitness targets and goals that are well within your reach. Not only are you slowly adding muscle to every major muscle part in your, but you’re also ramping up your endurance and losing weight!

When you compare a regular Body Pump class to a Spinning or Pilates class, a Body Pump class guarantees a much more pleasant long-term calorie-burning response. Besides, the entry level for this class is pretty much nonexistent, and you don’t need to worry about a thing when it comes to past injuries and problems. The low-load training and light weight usage provides for a reassuring cushion when returning from an injury spell or trying to get back on track after a long absence from the gym. 

The unsung hero of Body Pump classes is the high repetition high reward recipe; using light weights the same way for a long period of time definitely bears fruit in the form of muscle gain, weight loss, and the absence of injuries. 

When your gym goals are clear-cut and straight to the point, you don’t need to complicate your gym routine, dividing your time between weights and cardio exercise; just sign up for a Body Pump class, and leave the rest to the instructor and your classmates. You can find the Body Pump classes at NUYU’s Khobar gym too!