What is a Pilates class, and what are the benefits it offers?

With social distancing becoming a staple part of any human interaction, group exercise classes are a rare sight nowadays. However, with people being more aware of their health and surroundings, group exercises might have a chance in the post-pandemic world. On top of that, a post-pandemic world can always use a couple of Pilates classes to manage all that stress and anxiety. 

Joining any fitness class can be somewhat frightening. For lots of people, the thought of a group-oriented fitness class is filled with anxiety, heightened insecurities, and fears of not performing as well as the rest of the people. If you’ve ever done Zumba, Boot Camp, Spinning, Cross Fit, or Pilates, then you know exactly what’s going on here. Pilates classes, to be specific, are a little bit more daunting than rest of the mentioned class exercises. You might find yourself in limbo between the thought of “What exactly am I doing here”, and “Come on, I’ve got this”. It’s difficult to pinpoint whether it’s the trainer, the names of the exercises, or the fact that you’re amongst a group of people placed in uncomfortable positions, working up a sweat ‘as a team’. 

Benefits of Pilates class:

Pilates classes are known to be beneficial for your psychological, fitness, and social health.

Here are some psychological benefits of Pilates Classes:

  • Motivation to push yourself harder as it sets up a series of challenges for you to overcome on the daily. As you overcome each challenge, you’ll find that you’re more than capable of working out past your physical ‘limitations’. 
  • Value towards the commitment to a fitness routine. This builds up your focus towards your consistency, stamina, motivation, and inspiration. It’s common for people to go on and complete weight-loss programs when it’s done with a group of our friends rather than alone, as it gives you the motivation. Ultimately, your mindset is also focused on the fact that you’re all in this together – ‘as a team’. 
  • Finally, Accountability – Exercises done in groups give you a sense of obligation to take accountability and responsibility in attending the classes. Even on days where you miss out on classes, if the instructor or classmates ask why you did not show up, a sense of obligation brews within you to do better next time. Moreover, there’s something about paying for a set amount of classes that draws you to attend, no matter what!

Generally, besides the fact that you will be put out of your comfort zone, fitness classes have many benefits. Even though it might start off very uncomfortable and awkward, rest assured that you will only move upward from there in terms of performance, duration, and overall mentality towards working out in groups.   

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