Everything You Need to know about Spinning Class

Pick up the pace and wash off your worries with a spinning class. It’s not about cycling your lockdown troubles away, it’s more about the atmosphere a spinning class brings to the table, and the fact that you’re exercising with a group of people with similar aspirations makes all the difference. The high intensity of a spinning class workout is great for your physical health but it also makes a difference when it comes to your mental health as well. 

With ladies gyms in Riyadh reopening, more and more people are signing up to join any available spinning class in sight. It goes without saying that not every exercise is about exercising. 

What are the benefits of a Spinning Class?

The ethos behind a group exercise session like the spinning class is bringing like-minded people together to motivate one-another towards reaching the same goal – losing weight or staying fit while upping the overall mood of the studio or exercise room. With COVID-19 putting the brakes on the world as we know it, people around the globe are starting to feel its effects, mentally, emotionally, and physically – and that means everyone might be a bite away from thinking their overweight, a thought away from having a mental breakdown, or a rant away from a nasty argument. All that packed up energy needs to be expressed in an active manner – and that’s where spinning class comes in. 

With music pushing you forward, with an instructor that is guiding you through every spin, with classmates who keep you going, you’re on your way towards getting better in every aspect. 

Studies show that, in general, high-intensity exercises activate the release of endorphins, which are known as your body’s “feel-good” hormones. These hormones essentially put a smile on a person’s face and lifts up their mood. Spinning classes are one of the leading examples of why people should take up exercising to make themselves feel better. It’s a combination of the direct challenges that push you to a certain limit, allowing you to gradually rise up to overcome them, and experiencing utter calmness combined with a bit of adrenaline when you do.   

Why should you consider enrolling in NuYu’s Spinning Classes?

So, to answer the question of whether spinning classes can spin up your mood or not – yes, they very much can. A spinning class is an investment to both your mind and body. In whatever way we humans can derive happiness, we must ensure. With a world that spins gravitationally, economically, agriculturally, logically, and emotionally, one can spin in place, happily, with a group of people around them in a class specifically designed to put a lean smile on your face at NUYU. Rest assured, we’re taking all the necessary precautions to keep you safe and healthy at our Ladies gyms in Riyadh and Khobar.