How Yoga Classes Can Be Taught and Practiced Post-COVID-19

With lockdown measures easing up, people can now go back to their regular workout routines at their gyms with the comfort that all institutions and establishments are practicing all the necessary health and safety measures. 

However, with social distancing in full effect, teaching something like a yoga class is going to be hard, and that’s where human innovation comes in. With the help of e-learning and solid sanitary practices, you can have a healthy mindset while staying safe.

Whether it’s yoga for beginners or an intermediate-level yoga class, technology has opened the door to much easier teaching methods that enable us to take gym classes without really being at the gym. 

More than that, during these difficult times, yoga for beginners classes can be a great help to one’s mental and physical health. Everyone’s going a ton of stress and anxiety with no tools in hand to deal with it all. 

How To Do Yoga Classes Online

E-learning’s the key, and here’s how you can utilize it:

1) Pre-recorded Sessions:

The world of Yoga is vast, and one class a week might not be enough to make you a yoga expert; but what if you had all the instructions there by your side?
Pre-recorded yoga class sessions can be a step up in 2020.

First, you can practice social distancing while practicing your poses, easing up your tense muscles, and keeping an eye on your stress levels.

Whoever said this lockdown was soaked in negatives did not stop and think about e-learning sand staying fit behind closed doors. 

Let’s not forget the essentials of yoga – being mindful of every step you take – and that really gets you going in terms of being conscious of how you can get rid of those mental bumps COVID-19 left you with. 

Lastly, the fact that you’re exercising or mediating while watching your instructor guide you through it all makes you feel as ease. Every yoga instructor must know how all this feels and wants you to feel better and eventually get better.

 In short, pre-recorded sessions brings about a sense of unity and comfort when it’s really needed. 

2) Live Sessions:
Human innovation has come a long way, and so has the Internet. When it comes to practicing social distancing while trying to stay fit and healthy, you only have a few options in your basket; however, those choices work pretty well!

Livestream yoga class sessions are great at balancing out the positives and negatives of this pandemic, especially if it’s yoga for beginners

If you’re picking yoga for the first time to pass time, deal with your stress and anxiety, and stay healthy, live-streaming your yoga class seems like a great idea. You’ve got an instructor that’s one screen away, guiding you through every step, and seeing you progress through the different yoga poses.
Yes, it might not be an in-gym class, but it’s definitely the safer option. More than the poses and the yoga class itself, the whole livestream session helps the instructor and participants connect and talk about their pains and worries.

All you need to do is switch on your computer, click on that livestream link, and start stretching – and don’t forget to listen!