How Gyms in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Are Booming

Not every member of the Saudi community was ready for the change that was to come with the steadily increasing number of women gyms that generated a mixture of happiness, independence, and controversy. That didn’t stop women from attending a Zumba class and a gym in Riyadh, though.

Saudi Arabia has always restricted women in many fields. For a couple of years now, however, the kingdom has been looking to change that and opt for more liberal views. On top of that, the Saudi community has also been shifting away from its inactive lifestyle for the sake of lifestyles that are healthier, more active, and more rewarding for their wellbeing. Saudi women were certainly elated to have been finally heard. 

Rolling with that sense of freedom and evolution, Princess Sara Al Saud founded NuYu, the leading ladies’ gym in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It is the first and only fitness concept in the Kingdom designed exclusively for women. With a vision towards spreading happiness through fitness, NuYu was created and designed by discarding the traditional, ordinary health club format in favor of modern, stylish surroundings with a boutique, welcoming feel. 

They pride themselves for being unique in their approach, focusing not only on the physical aspects of fitness, but also on the psychological and emotional benefits that accompany an active lifestyle. They are committed to their clients and are willing to work hard every day to guide, care for, and support them along their journey towards fitness.

“NuYu focuses not only on how women look – on their size or shape – but also on how they feel. It’s all about happiness. That psychological and emotional aspect of fitness is very important to women,” said Princess Sara, Co-founder and Creative Director of NuYu.

In conclusion, two main points seem to be having an immense impact on the gym craze: firstly, there is the fact that the Saudi Arabian society is majorly young. So, it is expected that as they turn to physical health and wellbeing, gyms will boom even more. Secondly, the implementation of more liberal values by Saudi Arabia has led to the increase of female-only gyms and that has incited women to hit gyms, giving them an even wider number of customers.