Gym in Riyadh Post-lockdown

As soon as the lockdown’s over, our gym in Riyadh is going to reopen and everyone’s going to be eyeing an hour on the treadmill!
It’s just that ever since the quarantine took effect, everyone’s gotten comfortable with a certain daily routine that sees them walk around the house or neighborhood rather than dedicating an hour or two to self-care and fitness at the gym.
Working out at the gym is somewhat different than its home counter part, our gym in Riyadh surrounds its members with likeminded people who share similar fitness goals and aspirations, and help each other with any struggles related to exercising and their physical wellbeing.

First things first, you’ll notice that you might’ve gained a few kilos here and there because of a certain diet you’ve been following ever since the lockdown started – stop it and get back to eating healthy, controlled meals that help you reach certain fitness goals.
After all, food and nutrition is the most important part of keeping your workout game at its peak. 

Coming into second place is sorting out a workout routine that accommodates your rusty form. Our ‘quarantine’ bods haven’t seen the insides of a proper gym in ages, and that’s okay; everyone’s here for the same thing – getting back into shape!

Keep it light and slow, and pay attention to your body, a few months away from a gym can really make a difference when it comes to your workout form and body.

Don’t try to run before you can walk, tread carefully, especially when it comes to your body!
Short reps of everything can go a long way as your body’s just starting to get back into the ‘gym life’ – that means, light weights, short sets, shorter reps, and less intensity overall.

A healthy mind paves the way towards a healthy body; coming out of quarantine, people are going to be stressed and anxious about the weight they’ve gained, but it shouldn’t be that way. Calm down and build up your resilience towards that sort of stuff; after all, the road ahead is filled with plenty of bumps in the form of workout sessions and healthy-ish meals. Simple breathing exercises can make all the difference; even listening to your favorite songs can put you in a better mindset that is more receptive to you wanting to get into better shape.
Declutter your mind from all the things that might stray you away from your ‘getting back into shape’ journey post-lockdown; unwinding and taking it easy is the support everyone’s going to need!

NUYU is going to be ready to welcome everyone back at its gym in Riyadh with the proper safety regulations put into place to make you feel at ease and comfortable as ever! 

Here’s to getting back into shape without really overdoing it; remember, slow and steady melts those kilos away.