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Befriend Aerobic Exercises

If there’s something you need to know, it’s that aerobic exercise is good for you!  Whatever your age or weight, moving your body will always benefit you physically and mentally.  Exercises like walking, bicycling, and swimming can definitely help you

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Yoga for Beginners

Enough with the fancy pose names, the branded yoga mats, the incense-filled studios; don’t be scared of NUYU’s yoga classes, they’re for everyone! No matter your weight or age, it’s time to stretch out your body for a combination of

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How to pick your ladies’ gym in Riyadh!

Three things come to mind when you’re looking to join a Ladies’ Gym in Riyadh – Gym Classes, Culture, and Cleanliness.  Joining a gym isn’t all about grinding it out, taking a quick shower, and heading back home, it’s more

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The Benefits of Zumba classes

For a while now, there has been a rise in group fitness classes, namely Zumba classes. Humans, after all, are social beings who crave socializing! Just think about it, when you’re working out on your own, doesn’t it get a

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NUYU pumps it up

With the Ladies gym-hype train steaming its way through the Kingdom, the NUYU ladies gym in Riyadh has opened their doors to the all-too-popular Body Pump class. While the class might come off as intimidating, it’s far from it! This

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